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What I enjoy about escort is to show and act out aspects of my character very different from my usual "everyday personality". I love the moments shortly before our encounter - the heart beats faster and there is a high level of excitement.

After a drink or a dinner we are able to begin our joint time together in a more relaxed way.

Together we'll go to the hotel room - dimmed lighting & fine music awaits us and we are able to share some sensual moments and give free rein to our passion....

I prefer to dress myself in a sexy & elegant way. I love to wear an evening gown or a skirt combined with a narrow lace top.

As a model I am underrated very often, even though I have a wide range of interests. Furthermore I am humorous and genuine.

Escortmodel in a flower dress
End 20s
75B / 34B (natural)


Dusseldorf, Cologne, Bonn






German, English, French, Spanish (beginner), Dutch (beginner)


French, Asian


Champagner, Cocktails, Water


Chanel Chance Eau Vive


summer flowers

Luisa im Interview

Escort Model in blue jeans

What attracted you to escorting? What is it about it that you particularly like?

In my opinion it is very thrilling to get to know some nice people and fulfil some of your fantasies or to get on a trip together with a Gentleman. I just love the moment right before the start of a date - my heart is beating like crazy and I am very curious what is going to happen next ...;) 

Your favourable activity/hobby?

I love to go to a spa together with friends, to relax and to eat out. In the past I did ballet dancing, but now I am doing Pilates and fitness. In the summertime I like to go swimming. 

Gentlemen that you like:

I like to enjoy the moment and I am drawn to men with whom I am able to share these moments. Very important is a well-groomed appearance, as well as a good sense of humour and a looseness. 

Your preferred clothing style?

I prefer my dresses to be very elegant and a bit sexy. I love to wear a little dress or a skirt combined with a narrow lace top. 

Do you have a favourite quotation?

There is nothing in the world so irresistibly contagious as laughter and good humour. (Charles Dickens)

Do you enjoy travelling and are you available as a travel companion?

I like short trips to a cool city best. When you are able to gather experiences. I love the Mediterranean and its islands. The blue water there cast a spell over me on each occasion. I'd like to visit Mykonos. Cities like Rome or Barcelona are also very appealing to me. Generally speaking when it comes to travelling, I am always receptive to something new. 

What gifts make you smile?

On a first date I don't expect a gift. I am happy when my counterpart is a Gentleman and attentive. But if you want to have some ideas, I would be happy to get a SPA-voucher or some high-quality care products.

Luisas Honorar


   1,5  hours     650,00  €
   2    hours     800,00  €
   3    hours  1.000,00  €
   4    hours   1.200,00  €
   5    hours  1.350,00  €
   6    hours   1.500,00  €
Overnight (up to 12 hrs.)  2.000,00  €
Overnight (up to 18 hrs.)  2.300,00  €
1 day        (up to 24 hrs.)  2.500,00  €
2 days      (up to 48 hrs.)  4.000,00  €
For additional 24 hrs  1.200,00  €
4  days   5.500,00  €
5  days  6.000,00  €
6  days  7.000,00  €
7  days  7.500,00  €
10 days  9.000,00  €
12 days 10.500,00 €


Düsseldorf (City)  none
Bonn  50,00 €
Cologne  50,00 €
Eating  50,00 €
Dortmund  60,00 €
Aachen  60,00 €
Frankfurt  ca. 150,00 € 
other cities/countries ICE or flight ticket + taxi
  • at short dates it is usual to have a drink (bar or room)
  • for longer dates a lunch or dinner
  • at overnights dinner/breakfast


Duo Date: every lady gets her fee.
Paardates: fee from me + 50%.

I work freelance/have chosen my own fee.
A gentleman does not discuss/negotiate with me about my attention/fee.