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I am a bon vivant and love to let it go, to be spoiled and to escape from everyday life. With a glass of wine or whisky, at a dinner, with nice company, on an excursion or with a man for whom I am a pure temptation. I find it delightful to get to know new people and to exchange ideas and experiences with them. At the same time I give them a feeling of lightness through my open-minded, relaxed nature.

For you I would like to be a lover. The tension that arises at the first meeting and that builds up more and more as you get to know me. An erotic adventure in which I like to drive a man out of his mind with my wit, charm and ease.

beginning 20s
70C (Natural)


Dortmund, Düsseldorf, NRW






German (Mother tongue), English (fluent), French (beginner)


Italian & Japanese Food


White Wine (Riesling), Champagner (Veuve Clicquot), Whisky, juice


Elizabeth Arden undold



Rebecca im Interview

What attracted you to escorting? What is it about it that you particularly like?

I like not knowing what kind of man I will meet. The tingling feeling that arises every time I get ready for a date or am on my way there. I love to realise my fantasies together and to push the everyday life for a time far away.

Just enjoy the beautiful things in life together. But in the same way I also enjoy a reunion with a gentleman you already know and everything is already very intimate.

Your favourable activity/hobby?

I have very versatile hobbies. On the one hand my passion would be skydiving, horse riding or diving during my holidays. My interests include attending musicals, cooking with friends, wellness holidays or eating out.

Gentlemen that you like:

That he is courteous towards me, appreciates me and hopefully enjoys our time together as much as I do ;)

Your preferred clothing style?

Feminine, but always adapted to the planned activity ;-)

Do you have a favourite quotation?

Where there is a will, there is a way-Jennifer Speake

Do you enjoy travelling and are you available as a travel companion?

With pleasure! Unfortunately I have not seen much of the world so far and would like to change that. I really liked Ibiza, but any other destination by the sea would also give me great pleasure. For a city trip, I would love Rome, Barcelona, Vienna and many other cities.
Of course I am also open for far away destinations. :)

What gifts make you smile?

I always find lingerie very beautiful, because then we both get something out of it. But I am also very happy about every other gesture, because that is not a matter of course.

Rebeccas Honorar


   1,5  hours     650,00  €
   2    hours     800,00  €
   3    hours  1.000,00  €
   4    hours   1.200,00  €
   5    hours  1.350,00  €
   6    hours   1.500,00  €
Overnight (up to 12 hrs.)  2.000,00  €
Overnight (up to 18 hrs.)  2.300,00  €
1 day        (up to 24 hrs.)  2.500,00  €
2 days      (up to 48 hrs.)  4.000,00  €
For additional 24 hrs  1.200,00  €
4  days   5.500,00  €
5  days  6.000,00  €
6  days  7.000,00  €
7  days  7.500,00  €
10 days  9.000,00  €
12 days 10.500,00 €


Dortmund  none
Bochum  40,00 €
Essen  50,00 €
Duisburg  50,00 €
Düsseldorf  60,00 €
Cologne  70,00 €
Bonn  80,00 €
other cities/places ICE orr flight tickets + Taxi
  • for short meetings a get-together drink (bar or room) is usual
  • for longer dates a lunch or dinner
  • at Overnights Dinner/Breakfast

Duo Date: every lady gets her fee.
Paardates: fee from me + 50%.

I work freelance/have chosen my own fee.
A gentleman does not discuss/negotiate with me about my attention/fee.