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I like to flirt and find the thrill of an escort date enormously exciting. My fresh, cordial and playful nature will attract your attention. To seduce the gentleman and to be seduced by him with much passion. I would describe my look as a mixture of elegant, stylish but also vamp. Of course I can also be very discreet and natural, if you prefer.

I love it when a man likes to take time for the beautiful things in life to enjoy them together. We get to know each other over a glass of wine or/and enjoy a nice dinner and then end the evening together with an erotic dessert. During this togetherness the fire will start ;).

Escort gives me and the gentleman the chance to break out of everyday life and social expectations.
Sweet escort girl in dessous
End 20s


Cologne, Düsseldorf






German (mother tongue), English (conversation)


italian, japanese


Water, white wine, red wine, champagne




I enjoy being surprised

Jasmin im Interview

Sexy escortlady in black dessous

What attracted you to escorting? What is it about it that you particularly like?

The adventure, because I don't know before who will date me. I have a first description, but how does he smell, how do his touches feel and much more, this appeals to me. Experience moments that I might never have experienced and can also prepare an unforgettable day/evening for the gentleman. 

Your favourable activity/hobby?

I love sports and I go to training very regularly. Besides, my heart loves animals. Of course, like every woman, I also like to meet with friends and love to relax at the wellness or try out a new bar/restaurant.  

Gentlemen that you like:

Humor is very important to me and a cultivated appearance, as well as beautiful conversations.  

Your preferred clothing style?

I like to dress feminine and sexy. For me this includes sensual lingerie and a matching dress or other looks. Of course I can also dress more discreetly/sportier, if this is more comfortable for you. 

Do you enjoy travelling and are you available as a travel companion?

With enough lead time I would find a short trip with a relaxed gentleman to a cool city or a wellness trip exciting. For longer trips of 1-2 weeks we should already know each other (through first meetings) and have noticed that we have enough in common for a long trip :) 

What gifts make you smile?

Lingerie from Agent Provocateur are my passion. Or a beautiful special parfum? But most important to me is that we have a great relaxed evening and laugh a lot together.

Jasmins Honorar


   1,5 hours      600,00  €
   2 hours      600,00  €
   3 hours      750,00  €
   4 hours        850,00  €
   5 hours      950,00  €
   6 hours     1.050,00  €
Overnight (up to 12 hrs.)   1.450,00  €
Overnight (up to 18 hrs.)   1.850,00  €
1 day  (up to 24 hrs.)   2.200,00  €
2 days (up to 48 hrs.)   3.200,00  €
For additional 24 hrs      900,00  €
4 days   5.000,00  €
5 days   5.500,00  €
6 days   6.000,00  €
7 days   7.000,00  €
10 days   8.000,00  €
12 days    9.500,00 €


Cologne (City)  none
Bonn  50,00 €
Düsseldorf  50,00 €
--> 50km  50,00 €
--> 150km  100,00 €
other cities/countries ICE or flight ticket + taxi
  • at short dates it is usual to have a drink (bar or room)
  • for longer dates a lunch or dinner
  • at overnights dinner/breakfast


Duo Date: every lady gets her fee.
Paardates: fee from me + 50%.

I work freelance/have chosen my own fee.
A gentleman does not discuss/negotiate with me about my attention/fee.

I have tattoos, which I do not show on my pictures for discretion.