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Escort Casting

escort werden casting

Great to see that you like this site and want to become a part of our team. Please read the subsequent text very carefully.

Jump to Casting-Form

Please do get in touch with me when:

  • You are a very attractive, charming and intelligent woman between the age of 21 to 40.
  • You are wearing dress size 32-36 = XS/S and you are in great shape
  • You attach great importance to a well-groomed appearance and fashion topics
  • You are able to organise the time with your customers as diverse as possible and you are interested to indulge in erotic moments
  • You are even-tempered and able to adapt yourself to different situations as well as to differing characters/age/appearance of your Clients
  • You are fluent in German and English (at least on a conversational level). Other languages appreciated, but not a must.
  • You are living in a German or European city.
  • You are (beyond your main profession) flexible as to time and place, as well as well-educated, discreet, loyal, fun-loving and honest
  • You tend to see Escort as a chance to earn a little money, but at the same time you are able to enjoy this mission to the max.
  • You own the alias-certification or you are willing to apply for it.

Please don't contact me when:

  • You are not flexible and don't have much time left because of your main occupation.
  • Escort is or should become your main profession and money is your sole motivation
  • You shun outward journeys
  • You are arrogant, bitchy, indolent, unreliable, because those are not appropriate characteristics of escort-ladies
  • You are not in accordance with you body, because you would radiate this to your clients
  • You shun away from sports, health themes and body care
  • You are in debt / financial troubles and therefore only interested in easy money
  • You have some large scale tattoos as well as not removable face piercing's
  • You have had some excessive plastic surgeries
  • You are consuming drugs suffer from depression (self-protection) or forced into this by third parties
  • You don't own the alias-certification and not willing to apply for it

Escort suits me, how exactly am I going to get listed at PLE - I want to become an escort

If this was an apt description of yourself, then you are just a few steps away to successfully complete a listing.

PLE liaises self-employed Escort Ladies with customers. I organise your marketing, get in contact with selected customers and -upon request- take over the organisation and coordination of your meetings.For my services a commission (35%, including VAT) is being charged. For this purpose you will receive a proper invoice.

You decide if you want to accept or decline an enquiry. PLE has no authority / is not going to lay down the law. All decisions will be discussed with you and only realised, if I have your permission. Gladly I will help you with information about an alias-certification application etc. - so that we will start on a correct basis :). I am working discreet, fast and dependable. I expect the same commitment on your part.

If you are already in possession of escort/model-photos and own the rights of these pictures, then perhaps we might use these pictures for your Setcard. For a stylish presentation of my files I am in need of neat photos, fitting very well to the overall presentation. If you do not have suitable photos, then PLE will gladly mediate a professional photo shooting.

Please fill in the Escort casting blank form belowon the right hand side

This blank form has to be completed in order to be sent!

Any questions?

Contact us, we're glad to help!



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